Monday, February 11, 2013

MAC Lipstick Collection

Today I decided that, as my first post, I would show my MAC Lipstick Collection.

All of my lipsticks are from the permanent range so let's get on with it!

My first ever lipstick from MAC was Creme Cup which is, I know, ~shocking~. Haha, this is definitely a well known lipstick in the makeup blogging community because it is such a staple.

Creme Cup Lipstick by MAC, Cremesheen Finish

Creme Cup is a true baby pink with a cremesheen finish. If you are new to MAC lipsticks, then you should know that all MAC lipsticks have a classified finish. There are several different finishes from cremesheen to matte to amplified. A cremesheen finish has, like the name says, a creamy feel with medium coverage. These lipsticks tend to have a semi-glossy finish to them as well.

This used to be my go to lipstick when I first got it but as I've started wearing lipsticks more, this just isn't my type of shade anymore. I tend to go for darker, bolder lipsticks now. But I definitely say this is a great lipstick to start off your collection with.

The second MAC lipstick I got was from a CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet). CCO is a discounted beauty store that has discontinued products for 30% off. I got the lipstick Gem of Roses there for around 11 dollars. I believe that this lipstick is from the Semi Precious collection that came out maybe a year and a half ago.

Gem of Roses Lipstick by MAC, Lustre Finish

Gem of Roses is a medium, rosy, pink. It's definitely a my-lips-but-better type of color. This has a lustre finish which means that it is very sheer. This lipstick is not my favorite. I'm not a huge fan of sheer lipsticks, and this one does not last long. Also, most MAC Lipsticks have an amazing vanilla scent and this one smells AWFUL! It smells (and tastes) like chemicals. Definitely a huge miss for me.

The third lipstick I got was Vegas Volt which is a permanent color.

Vegas Volt Lipstick by Mac, Amplified Finish

Vegas Volt is a very bright coral/orange. This is one of my favorite lipsticks for the summer time. This has an amplified finish. It is highly pigmented with a bit of shine and I find them to last pretty long.

And the latest lipstick I've gotten from MAC, was Craving which is by far my favorite MAC Lipstick I own, and one of my favorite lipsticks in general.

Craving Lipstick by MAC, Amplified Finish

Craving is a deep plummy color which is absolutely perfect for the fall and winter time. I am truly in love with it. It is, again, an Amplified finish.

MAC Lipsticks retail for $15 dollars at any MACCosmetics store, Macys, or online. They contain 3 grams of product.

What are your favorite MAC Lipsticks? Let me know of any other posts you would like to see from me! :)


  1. Great collection! Vegas Volt is one of my favourites :)


  2. Vegas volt is such a lovely colour. I will need to add it to my collection, especially as we are getting closer and closer to summer (ok so not quite, but I'll use any excuse).

    Emma xx

  3. Mac lipsticks are my life! Great collection xx